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Dear fellow Club Manager/Secretary

Our message to you is a simple one. We want you to join our growing group of people determined to continue to make our industry more professionally managed, and support each other in providing the best service possible to our clubs and club members. If you work in a club administration or management role at an affiliated Scottish golf club, you can join under one of the 3 categories below. Persons who are appointed or elected into a voluntary role at a club can also join.

There are three categories of membership for serving managers:

Ordinary full membership is £150 per annum. This is primarily aimed at managers wishing to attain or retain one of the industry recognised professional qualifications, the Club Management Diploma (CM Dip) or Certified Club Manager (CCM).

Ordinary membership is £100 per annum.

Club Membership is £350 per annum and allows a club or organisation to nominate up to 3 persons who would all receive the same level of benefits as an ordinary full member.

I look forward to welcoming you to one of our events in the very near future and to hearing from you how your SGCMA membership can help you to succeed at your club.

Chris Spencer

Chairman Scottish Golf & Club Managers Association

Application for Membership

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Ordinary Full Member
Ordinary Member
Associate Member
Corporate Member
Club Membership

Make an Enquiry for Membership by visiting our landing page which will provide you with lots more information about SGCMA. Click on link below.




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